Who are we?

Challenging the status quo from day one.

Rather than following the conventions of industry, we believe in breaking the norms. We bring innovation, creativity and crazy insights together on the way to success. Our products- LYKSTAGE and LYK App are here to introduce you to a revolutionized mode of connecting people. We aim to Explore, Discover and Challenge the routine.


Be a part of this amazing platform and empower
your passion for content.

Presently, our platform has won over the Indian customer
base. Get ready, because your country is our next
destination! Enjoy the amazing features of LYKSTAGE;

Reward for both creators and viewers

No prerequisites for creators to join

Sign-up and Referral bonus

Instant monetization

Contents with password protection

Pay-per-view videos

Sign up for this exclusive video streaming platform
where you can earn by both creating and watching


Connect securely with your inner circle. Prefer
privacy? LYK App is here.

Boasted with 5 patents, we’re the only social media
platform to connect people. Here are some special
highlights you can experience with this app

3 different layer connection settings (as per your preferences)

Invisible connections

Messages with disappearing features

Private comments in group chats and public posts

Share with your selective connections

Currently, we’re on the BETA stage.

Introducing the Minds behind LYK Inc.

Shape your dream of open communication and interaction as we stand beside you.

Achieving the feats of uncertainty is not for everyone!! But, exceptions never stop to inspire others.
Meet the spirits who motivate you to challenge the status quo.

Adris Chakraborty


Megha Chakraborty


Pinky Chakraborty